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Brain Drain La Fave. Please check out the Go Fund Me page in the comments and help our La Favourite bass player 󾌹

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Click here to support Mistina La Fave's Medical Fund by Kristin Neuschwander
Friends show their love in times of trouble... Euripides (BC 480-BC 406) Early last Friday morning - March 20th - our friend Mistina was checked into the ER at Providence with severe head pains. She was then moved to the Neuro Critical Care ward at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portla...

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For those who haven't been contacted personally, we wanted to offer an update.
Early Friday Morning Mistina was brought to St. Vincent's here in Portland with what is called a Sub Arachnoid Brain Hemorrhage. She is currently in Neuro Critical Care, Stable and doing well. Sadly, this will mean the delay of the 20th Anniversary show as well as the planned full length.
Currently, Mistina is surrounded by loved ones and getting the best care available. We will be posting ways to show love and offer support soon. As always with The Prids you can knock us down but you can't take us out. Expect to hear more in the future.

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Living in 1995 checklist:
Minutemen shirt, check. Windbreaker, check. Thurston Moore haircut, check. Horn rimmed glasses, check. Weird painted bedroom with lyrics written all over the walls, check.

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Doug Martsch & Brett Nelson playing on The Prids' Chronosynclastic

Hillary Johnson records Doug Martsch & Brett Nelson (Built To Spill), Jason Albertini (Helvetia), Christian Hurd (Lookbook) during the Chronosynclastic sessi...

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This is going to be great fun. For our fans who've been asking--
I don't have set times, but I think you should just come for the entire day because it's a really neat festival, and I'd like you to see every band playing! xo Mistina ♥

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This is going to be great! Our first show in a year is 3 weeks from today. We are on at 11

Mobile Uploads

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NME listed us as #79 on their top 100 Neglected Masterpieces list

20 Year Anniversary

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Flyer by Dave Neeson

20 Year Anniversary

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20 Year Anniversary
David and Mistina have been playing together since March of 1995. 2015 marks 20 years of the original Prid kids playing music together!

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100 Lost Albums You Need To Know
NME list ranking 100 Lost Albums You Need To Know

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Summer 1999, right before we moved to Portland from Lincoln, Nebraska our friend Harry Dingman took our first band photos. Meeting Harry when I was a kid was really neat because he had been in some great bands like seminal post punk band For Against.
He had these wild stories about meeting Siouxsie Sioux, playing with the Dead Milkmen, having tickets to see Joy Division's first US tour in 1980. He never saw them--a tragic bit of music history there huh? I listened intently to these stories and about his experiences with the music industry. It was all so inspiring. We couldn't have had a cooler person be one of our first supporters. I wish I had a higher resolution jpg of this. Regardless it's one of my all time favorite photos.

Thanks Harry for all your kindness and support back then, your friendship and guidance was priceless. xo

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We knew Dave Neeson's flyer would be awesome!

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The Upsidedown - Glide Screamer (The Prids cover)


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Tom Lehmann said Shadow and Shadow inspired him to create this poster. Creepin' it real, just like we like. Thanks Tom!!!!

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Our first show in a year will be this awesome festival! We play at 11pm sharp. Link for tickets in the comments.

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The Prids - Tickets - Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR, April 09, 2015 | Ticketfly
Get tickets to The Prids at Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR on 04/09/15

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Best Quality Custom Made Vinyl Stickers - STICKER GUY
Sticker Guy prints custom vinyl stickers for indie bands and small businesses in need of outdoor weatherproof promotional bumper stickers, die cut decals, mailing labels on a roll. Sticker Guy wants to print your sticker - make your sticker online!

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