This new indie music show features our video for Waste our Time, with cute pop up fun facts! Also our friends A Place To Bury Strangers are interviewed and play two ripping songs. Totally worth 30 mins of your time. ♥

NYCmedia - The B-Sides: NYC Sessions: A Place to Bury Strangers
A New York–based noise rock band composed of Oliver Ackermann (guitar/vocals), Dion Lunadon (bass guitar) and Robi Gonzalez (drums). The band plays a heavy, atmospheric wall of sound-influenced blend of psychedelic rock, shoegaze and space rock. If purgatory were an airport, APTBS' Oliver Ackermann…

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You can tune in online tomorrow at 11:30 Eastern to see our friend Jenna's new show! Lots of videos from great bands, with a live performance and interview from A Place to Bury Strangers. Keep your eyes peeled for the Prids video ;)

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Mistina DJs the Echo and the Bunnymen after party tonight at Lola's Room (below the Crystal Ballroom) with Will Sergeant! 11pm, FREE!

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We have all our albums up on bandcamp! ♥

Love Zero, by The Prids

10 track album

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The Prids - "I'll Wait"

The Prids "I'll Wait" Chronosynclastic Velvet Blue Music Director: Brendan Gill

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We have 8 new songs. Here's an exclusive track we did for Cassingle and Loving It last year.

I'm Sorry, by The Prids


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The Prids video for Contact

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Lots going on as we reform the band (we haven't disappeared don't worry-- we're too stubborn), but we thought this new release we've been included on was worth mentioning:

Let it Go, from our album ...Until the World is Beautiful is included on The Lovecraft Bar's new compilation! Available on 180 gram translucent Cthulhu green wax! It includes a track by Mistina's other project We Miss the Earth as well. We will have it up in our online shop this week with a list of the other bands that are included. If you're local, stop by The Lovecraft and grab a copy.

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David's new project Leading Psychics released their first ep today! Digital only, and only $4!

Reconnoiter, by Leading Psychics

4 track album

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Check out Mistina's other project We Miss the Earth, they just released a new ep and they're playing a free show this Saturday at The Lovecraft Bar.

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Our buddies in Daydream Machine are releasing an album tonight, go support them! ♥

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Tonight October - The Prids

Final public version? Music Video for the Prids song Tonight October from the Album Chronosynclastic Costumes by Morgan Shanafelt Papercraft and clay by…

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The show tonight was so fun! We'll miss you Maile. Love you.

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It's important you come to tonight's show. We will be donating 100% of our proceeds to our good friend Kell's family, who have suffered a tragic loss. Below in the comments we will link to the site where you can also donate. Our deepest condolences for your loss, we love you Kell.

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Our website is still down, but we promise the site and shop will be back up and running soon. This is our last show for a while, so please come out. You can get your merch there!

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Mark your calendars!

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Planning a September tour of Europe. Anyone who can assist with shows or recommendations please get in touch. Thanks!

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We're playing Lovecraft Bar's 3 year anniversary tomorrow! It's FREE!

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