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Love Zero, by The Prids

10 track album

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The Prids - "I'll Wait"

The Prids "I'll Wait" Chronosynclastic Velvet Blue Music Director: Brendan Gill

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We have 8 new songs. Here's an exclusive track we did for Cassingle and Loving It last year.

I'm Sorry, by The Prids


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The Prids video for Contact

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Lots going on as we reform the band (we haven't disappeared don't worry-- we're too stubborn), but we thought this new release we've been included on was worth mentioning:

Let it Go, from our album ...Until the World is Beautiful is included on The Lovecraft Bar's new compilation! Available on 180 gram translucent Cthulhu green wax! It includes a track by Mistina's other project We Miss the Earth as well. We will have it up in our online shop this week with a list of the other bands that are included. If you're local, stop by The Lovecraft and grab a copy.

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David's new project Leading Psychics released their first ep today! Digital only, and only $4!

Reconnoiter, by Leading Psychics

4 track album

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Check out Mistina's other project We Miss the Earth, they just released a new ep and they're playing a free show this Saturday at The Lovecraft Bar.

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Our buddies in Daydream Machine are releasing an album tonight, go support them! ♥

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Tonight October - The Prids

Final public version? Music Video for the Prids song Tonight October from the Album Chronosynclastic Costumes by Morgan Shanafelt Papercraft and clay by…

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The show tonight was so fun! We'll miss you Maile. Love you.

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It's important you come to tonight's show. We will be donating 100% of our proceeds to our good friend Kell's family, who have suffered a tragic loss. Below in the comments we will link to the site where you can also donate. Our deepest condolences for your loss, we love you Kell.

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Our website is still down, but we promise the site and shop will be back up and running soon. This is our last show for a while, so please come out. You can get your merch there!

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Mark your calendars!

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Planning a September tour of Europe. Anyone who can assist with shows or recommendations please get in touch. Thanks!

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We're playing Lovecraft Bar's 3 year anniversary tomorrow! It's FREE!

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Let it Go will be on the next Lovecraft Bar compilation, and we also have some REALLY EXCITING NEWS about Until the World is Beautiful to announce as well. Stay tuned!

The Prids -- "Let It Go" (original video)

Directed by Tobias Perse From the album "Until the World Is Beautiful " (2006) five03 Records.*DISCLAIMER* "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Co...

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Here's a song from 1998 :)


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